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Our Why..

We believe that connection to earth and mother nature is real, that there is more when it comes to choosing the right land for the right project. We believe that its our responsibility as realtors to choose the right type of clients for the land, people who believe in conservation and sustainable projects, people who think about tomorrow. 


What's new?

Punta Faro. 1 hour drive from Huatulco airport. 

Dream beach fronts, with a magical left wave to start your day surfing. 

For more info and photos click button!

Green News!

New sustainable water treatment company

We have fantastic news! this incredible new green company called New Fond is now in Puerto Escondido! this guys do water treatment plants that are completely sustainable, require no electricity just gravity and use plants and micro-organisms to clean water. How awesome is that?

Here are some photos of how it works and how it looks.


treatment 1.png
treatment 2.png
treatment 3.png
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