I believe connection to earth and mother nature is real. I believe that there is more when it comes to choosing the right land for the right project. I believe that its our responsibility as realtors to choose the right type of clients for the land, people who believe in conservation and sustainable projects. Because we only have one planet earth


What's new?

10 to 15 hectares (25 to 37 ac) at Colotepec river, with 240m (788 ft) river front! Only 10 minutes to La Punta Zicatela. 

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Green News!

The Colotepec River is finally being protected!

The most fantastic news so far! The Colotepec river (the biggest and most important in Puerto Escondido), is finally being protected! 

This river has been exploited for years to extract minerals and construction materials like rocks, the problem is that this has been done without any control or measurements which is slowly but truly killing the river (literally). What they don't understand is that the rocks in a river are responsible for life in it! since they slow down the current, provide protection for microorganisms which are food for small animals and fish and this creates the base of the river ecosystem. without rocks then there's just sand and no life in the river. also not having rocks to slow down the current affects the water levels which now a days are critically low!

the good news are, that the new president of Bienes Comunales is going to protect the river and penalize it's exploitation just like he promised in his campaign. it is a dangerous job since there's obviously lots of interests, even the president of the municipality is involved with this businesses that extract materials from the river, so lets hope the president of Bienes Comunales can accomplish protecting our river.

We will keep a close eye on this subject and keep you guys posted!

New sustainable water treatment company

We have fantastic news! this incredible new green company called New Fond is now in Puerto Escondido! this guys do water treatment plants that are completely sustainable, require no electricity just gravity and use plants and micro-organisms to clean water. How awesome is that?

Here are some photos of how it works and how it looks.


treatment 1.png
treatment 2.png
treatment 3.png